The important is the journey

aprender, aprender, aprender siempre

learn, learn, learn always

About me

Software Architect, Organic Analyst, Project Manager

Masters in Management Leadership & certified aschitect of .net technologies, with over 10 years experience in the field of new technologies and software development.

Over 6 years working with CRM systems and developing web and mobile applications at Anuntis, a leading classifieds portals operator in Spain.

The last 3 years working with geospatial structures, geoposition data indexing, processing and treatment of large amounts of data.


about new technologies, improved processes, innovation, resource management, management systems and energy efficiency


Big Data, Open Data, Hadoop, HANA, C#, Python, nodejs, . Net, SQL, Spatial, Dynamic CRM, Azure, MongoDB, Wodpress, Map, Geomarketing.


Tireless Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Project Manager, Autodidact,